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Esteem Engine wants to collaborate with students and researchers in the social sciences to design character value based programs, products and services that would benefit at-risk youth, particularly with the aim of making dramatic reductions in poor academic performance and poverty in low-income urban communities. We believe at-risk youth would benefit from deliberate social intervention. Your work will help us develop character education curricula for social services organizations. Your work will also help us develop our creative offerings such as children's books, TV production, and music.


Help us to get on and stay on track. You’re what Esteem Engine needs if you can create planning strategies, oversee their execution, coordinating production activities, and come up with ways to make the day-to-day functioning of Esteem Engine a smooth operation. You could also represent the organization at different platforms such as conferences, meetings or seminars. You can help us become who we truly are!​

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We believe that deliberate psychological and educational intervention is critical, so we also need creative volunteers in the psycho-emotional disciplines who can design character value based programs, products and services.

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Help us develop the Right Track Village Station children's character education TV series. We need producers, directors, 2D and 3D animators, set designers, casting directors, actors, and writers.

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